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The Future Bicycle 

Tired of going slow? Hills breaking your back?

Still pedalling the same old way?

The time has come to transform the old design. 

Take the reins of a bike that will harnesses all your energy and turn it into forward motion.

The new system. Inspired by nature - powered by you



X-ALT TECHNOLOGY is an Australian Start Up founded by Jaben Golledge that seeks to break down the boundaries of what is possible in human-powered transportation. The first project of X-ALT is a ground breaking bicycle based on simple harmonic motion and biological mechanics. X-ALT hopes to revolutionise the world's most popular form of human-powered transport and bring the bicycle's antiquated design into the future age.

X-ALT is seeking funding to make this project a reality. Please make contact if you would like to support this endeavour



Below are an idea of the ways this product can move the bicycle into its total potential as a futuristic transportation vehicle


Ergonomic design

No more stress and strain on neck, back, knees and groin


Access to greater speeds

With a greater range of leverage and gearing higher speeds can be attained


Greater manouverability

Advanced mechanics enables never-before-realised mobility



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